Privacy Policy

Hi there!

This is where I have the great pleasure (not) of explaining how I might be collecting and using your data in a language you can understand, so that I am in compliance with the legal trinity of hell for small business owners that is the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the DPA (Data Protection Act) and the PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations). They’re here for our own good, but it does make business very complicated, particularly for the small folks sometimes.

I’m a freelance brand strategist and designer working all alone-y most of the time, and because I’m lazy and hate statistics, I actually don’t really do all that much with your data. is my home on the internet on which I currently mostly share my writing, art and thoughts on creative work and the creative process. Occasionally I may sell my illustration and design related services or digital products as well as share affiliate links or other ways to promote and support my work, products and art.

The Cliffnotes: In Short

I collect your email address and name when you opt-in to my newsletter and use tracking software such as Facebook Pixel, AppSumo and Google Analytics to learn more about customer behaviour so I can improve my site and services and sell you stuff I think you might need. I don’t do anything scary stalky with that information.

(My mum might though, she’s nefariously good at stalking people online.
Don’t worry, I do not send your information to my mum. (Or anyone else for that matter.))

If you sign up for my newsletter, I may use your email address to send you newsletters (duh!) about things like business updates, blog-posts, free resources, blog-posts, juicy discounts,  information and first dibs on my services and general information around design, branding, my business and myself that I think could be of interest to you.

If it is not, you can hit unsubscribe and be deleted off my newsletter list at any time. I might use your email to send you targeted online advertising if I ever get round to using services such as facebook ads. I promise to only market stuff to you that I genuinely think you’ll be interested in.

If you buy from me I may store client details such as your name, email, postal address, purchase history and payment method. I do not store your payment details.

I use Paypal or Stripe to process your payment information.


Many, many cookies were harmed in the making of this policy. The other kind of online cookie I use on this site to improve your online experience. You can block it using cookie blockers in your browser, but it may blow up your internet, meaning some sites may not work as intended if you block cookies and that can be really annoying, particularly if you’re like me and then take ages to figure out why a site isn’t working.

Visitor Tracking

I use Google Analytics, WordPress Stats Plugins, and AppSumo to track your behaviour on my site. Mostly I just like looking at the world map to see where my users come from, I cannot use it to see where your house is though, it’s too anonymous for that. There are also fun things like heat maps that show me what people are looking at and clicking on. This helps me figure out what you like or dislike, so I can create more of the former and ditch the rest.

None of these things store any super personal data about you though they may grab your IP address, not that that means anything much to me, I never look it up, nor would I actually know what to do with it. Basically I can just see that an anonymous person or many anonymous people have interacted with my website in a particular way and will use that info to improve my site.

Data Storage

If you buy from me I may store your name, email address, postal address, phone number if you provide it, and purchase history. I do not store your payment details. I do everything I can to keep your data safe, and no one other than me has access to this account.

I don’t do anything scary with this info. I might use your home address to send you a thank you gift if you’ve thrown money my way, I may in the future use your purchase history to target you with ads for stuff you might like.

If you’ve taken a course of mine, I might ask you if you want to do another course that could also be of interest to you. If you’ve hired me for design or illustration services I may contact you to ask if you’re interested in other related services that could help further your business, build a stronger brand or just brighten your life with art. I will not try and sell you toasters or things unrelated to my services, because that would just be weird.


This is the service I use to send you my newsletters. They are, to my knowledge, GDPR compliant. When you sign up for my newsletter or buy from me, your name and email get stored there.

You can unsubscribe from my emails at any time by hitting the unsubscribe button in the footer of every email.

Your Payment Details

When you buy stuff from me, you will pay through Stripe or PayPal. Stripe is GDPR compliant. PayPal is already operating in the highly regulated financial sector, so they seem to think they’re GDPR compliant, but are not being 100% clear about it right now. I’m assuming they will be GDPR compliant or they’ll lose a metric shit-ton of business and they probably aren’t keen on that.

E-Mail Marketing and Newsletters

If you sign up to my newsletter, I will on occasion send you newsletters. (Quelle surprise! At the moment, I’m rubbish at doing this anyway, so don’t be surprised if you’ve never heard from me.) Your name and email address are stored securely in Mailchimp. You can unsubscribe any time you want by clicking the unsubscribe button in every email.

If you sign up for a course, you will receive emails about the course. The frequency depends on the course model and content. You can technically unsubscribe but you’ll miss important course info and may not get your money’s worth out of the course, which would be a tragedy.

Mailchimp automatically tracks things like open rates and clicks, so if you open an email or click on a link in one mailchimp will know, and I would know also if I could be bothered to check my stats. If you ignore my emails I also know. (Well Mailchimp does, as I say, I don’t often check stats because I’d rather be making pretty stuff.)

Your Right to Be Deleted

If you’ve had enough of me once and for all, send an email to  and I will purge every last detail I have stored about you in my system and forget I ever met you. My memory is terrible, so I may have already done the latter. (I’m sorry, it’s not personal.)

I cannot delete your purchase history, because the taxman would get his knickers in a twist about it and that is not the kind of thrill I need in my life right now.

I also cannot delete your info off Paypal or Stripe. You’ll have to talk to them about that.

If you do ask to be deleted and forgotten (who are you again?), you may no longer be able to access my courses or services anymore as I use your email address and name to confirm that you’re actually a paying customer, because that is smart business, and we don’t like freeloaders here, savvy?

Social Media

Technically I use social media, but I’m not very good at it. Mostly I use Facebook to stay in touch with all the people I like and have done business with, as well Instagram and Pinterest. I sometimes use Social Media to promote my courses and services, but mostly I just chat with cool people and post monster drawings and holiday pics to make you jealous.

If I get to know you on one platform and like you, I may hunt you down on another to see what else you’re up to, because that’s how social media works. If this bothers you please tell me to eff-off, or block me or whatever and I will leave you alone.

You’re done! Have a cookie! (The non-internet kind.)