Don’t Quit on a Bad Day

It’s generally not the good days you have to worry about when you take on a long term commitment such as drawing everyday.

The good days are easy.
The bad days are the days that you need to mentally prepare for.

It’s the bad days that will trip you up and make you question why you’re even doing all of this.

You will not want to quit on the good days.
You will very much want to quit on the bad days.

I’ve found the best way for me to deal with this is to just not quit on the bad days. If I go for a long period and something isn’t working and I want to stop doing it even on my good days when I’m feeling reasonably emotionally neutral, maybe it’s time to consider if what I’m doing is worth pursuing. But if I just want to quit because I’m not feeling good or having a bad day, I don’t let myself.

We go through many ups and downs every single day, and every single day is different. Our emotions are not a reliable indicator of what we are capable of on that day.

Some of my best drawings were made on days I really didn’t want to draw. I’ve made terrible drawings on days I was highly motivated.

It’s worth showing up to the page with an open mind, no matter how you’re feeling. You might be surprised. And if a good day results in a bad drawing, it doesn’t mean anything. It’s nothing to worry about. It just happens.

Bad days are of course the days when you are most going to want to give up and throw in the towel. They are stressful, painful and you feel like nothing is worth it anymore. Those are the days you need to overcome. The good days are easy. It’s those bad days that will make or break you.

Don’t let yourself quit on those days. If you can survive the bad days, you can survive every other day too.

Don’t quit on a bad day.

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