Feeling Your Work is “Never Good Enough”

No matter how good your work gets, you may feel it is never quite „good enough“.

Chances are, this is due to something called the perception gap. As you get better at your art, you develop good taste. You see what you like about the work of other artists and you begin to understand what makes a good piece. But your actual drawing skills take a while to catch up with your new level of perception.

When you reach a new level of skill, it‘s likely your perception will have evolved again. At each stage you become aware of new, more nuanced details that you can now focus on improving.

Because your perception of what makes good work keeps evolving as your skill does, the two never match up. This can lead to you feeling that your art is sub-standard and that you‘re not improving, even though you are.
Look back at your work from a few weeks, months or years ago. It might surprise you how far you‘ve come.

This perception gap is a normal and quite universal artistic experience. You aren’t doing anything wrong. Keep practicing. You will improve if you keep putting in the work.

And don‘t be too hard on yourself.

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