What if we allow creativity to be hard, simply because sometimes creativity is hard?

Not because we’re failures as a human being. Not because we aren’t creative enough. Not because we’re not inspired. Not because of artist’s block.

Creativity means sitting with a blank page of nothing and attempting to create something of substance from that very nothing. Creating something from nothing is hard.

Creativity involves growing and evolving as a person and an artist and allowing the work that we commit to to change us. Change can be scary. Change can be hard.

Creativity means facing the uncertainty of the blank page over and over again. Our brain hates uncertainty, so it does everything in its power to move us away from this perceived threat. That includes invoking all our personal demons and past failures to remind us why we shouldn’t be doing this. Sitting with that discomfort is hard. It’s painful. And that’s okay.

Creativity is hard sometimes. Personally, I find it hard quite a lot of the time.

Nothing is wrong with you if you find the hard things in life to be hard. We need to stop perpetuating a romanticized version of creativity that says it is always easy and flowing and fun and that if that’s not the case, you’re doing it wrong.

Sometimes creativity just is hard work. And I feel we are forgetting the value of hard, deep work and the rewards that we reap on the other side of it.

Sometimes things are hard simply because they are hard.
But we can do hard things.

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